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  • How to Run AutoPilot Without Admin Privileges

    Are your operators running AutoPilot as an admin?  It's much safer to assign non-administrator privileges for normal AutoPilot operation.  Read this short Tech Bulletin to see how.

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  • We’ll keep the lights out for you


    Keeping an eye on the server room during business hours is hard enough. After hours, it can be a real challenge. Climate Guard is smart about how when it sends an alert, allowing you to respond to condition after hours without being bombarded by data throughout the day.

    Schedule your Alerts

    Activity that is normal during business hours can be evidence of a problem at night or over the weekend. Doors opening, lights left on, movement, etc, may all indicate that something abnormal is occurring at a time when the server room should be dark, empty and still. Simply having a monitor email you every time the door opens, however, will quickly become irritating.

    Climate Guard allows you to schedule when you want to receive alerts, and where you want to receive them. For example, you might only be concerned about doors opening after hours. Climate Guard will email you ...

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  • Fire in the Data Center!

    Don't be the last to know

    Data Center Fire

    What would happen in the event of a data center fire? This is probably a topic you have given some serious thought. But ask yourself this: when would you find out about a fire?

    The fire department will be the first to know (and rightly so!), then the building owner, upper management, facilities management, etc. Is IT even on the list? Imagine how you would feel if you arrived on a Monday morning and found the aftermath of a weekend disaster.

    By adding another smoke detector to the data center, you can make sure you’re notified right away in the event of a fire. Climate Guard can email or text you immediately when the alarm sounds. Early notification means you have as much time as possible to execute your disaster recovery plan.

    Climate Guard monitors temperature, humidity, light, sound, smoke and many more ...

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  • Green IT: Too hot, too cold, or just right?

    Server Racks

    Raising server room temperatures is at the heart of Green IT. So how do you “go green” without risking equipment failure due to overheating? Take the guesswork out of the equation with comprehensive temperature monitoring using Climate Guard.

    Too cold: over cooling might seem safe, but it’s expensive

    Traditionally, IT staffs have kept server rooms nice and chilly just to be safe. It’s hard to imagine anything overheating in a room that barely hits 70° F. The downside is twofold: high energy costs and impact on the environment. As energy prices have increased, the cost of cooling a server room has followed suit. Pair that with a slow economy, and you can bet management is painting a target on IT’s back. And with the number and size of data centers growing, the impact on our environment is becoming an increasingly serious issue.

    Too hot: bumping the temperature up to ...

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  • Three easy ways to be in two places at once

    Everything that matters to your company is locked away in the server room – except for the people. And that’s the problem. Keeping an eye on the server room is difficult when you’re always needed somewhere else. Using door contacts and motion sensors, Climate Guard will let you know when the server room needs your attention.

    How to be two places at once

    Server Racks

    Whether you’re at your desk, off site, or chasing down a problem in another department, Climate Guard will email you any time someone accesses your server room. Using the system’s onboard web interface, you can quickly log on from your smartphone to see what’s going on.

    Here are three easy ways to be in two places at once:

    1) Install door contacts on the room and rack doors.

    Wiring door contacts is cheap and easy. Use door contacts to determine when anyone has opened a rack door, ...

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