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  • 30th Anniversary Savings

    The Burk 30th Anniversary celebration continues! During the months of September and October, every customer ordering an ARC Solo remote control system will receive a FREE AutoPilot® License and TS-1 Transient Suppressor.*  Learn more.


     Powerful all-in-one Remote Control from Burk

    * Offer valid September 1, 2015 through October 31, 2015. 

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  • What happened to AutoPilot® 2010?

    Our Continuous Improvement Program results in new releases as improvements are made, and there have been many since 2010. As we continue to refine the product, we have chosen to return to the original brand name, differentiating releases only by revision number.

    The Original AutoPilot brand goes back to the early ‘90s when we replaced CDL for ARC-16 with a new program running on DOS on an 80386 or, new at the time, a 486 processor. We’ve come a long way, baby.



    Now, AutoPilot lets you manage all the Burk remote control systems in your network, from the early ARC-16s and GSC3000s to current generation ARC Plus Touch and ARC Solo equipment.  And you can monitor third party networking gear like printers, routers and switches using AutoPilot’s built-in SNMP manager.  With AutoPilot it’s easy to monitor real-time data from multiple sources, manage alarms, and create detailed ...

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  • Upgrade to ARC Plus V3 for Free

    End of support announced for ARC Plus Version 2 Firmware

    Upgrade to Version 3 Now

    ARC Plus Web Interface

    ARC Plus and ARC Plus SL users running firmware Version 2 can now upgrade to Version 3 with a free download from

    V2 firmware is end-of-life and end-of support.  Upgrading to V3 will ensure continued access to Burk technical support and will bring your system up to date with the latest performance enhancements and a whole range of new features.

    The all-new web interface brings you platform independence, faster response and more flexible navigation.  The clear graphical display presents all channel values, alarms and events, and puts commands and macros at your fingertips. Java is no longer required.


    The smartphone web page is much improved from V2, bringing in an updated look and new features. 

    New in Version 3, Meter Actions automatically issue a command or run/stop a macro when a meter channel ...

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  • How to Run AutoPilot Without Admin Privileges

    Are your operators running AutoPilot as an admin?  It's much safer to assign non-administrator privileges for normal AutoPilot operation.  Read this short Tech Bulletin to see how.

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  • We’ll keep the lights out for you


    Keeping an eye on the server room during business hours is hard enough. After hours, it can be a real challenge. Climate Guard is smart about how when it sends an alert, allowing you to respond to condition after hours without being bombarded by data throughout the day.

    Schedule your Alerts

    Activity that is normal during business hours can be evidence of a problem at night or over the weekend. Doors opening, lights left on, movement, etc, may all indicate that something abnormal is occurring at a time when the server room should be dark, empty and still. Simply having a monitor email you every time the door opens, however, will quickly become irritating.

    Climate Guard allows you to schedule when you want to receive alerts, and where you want to receive them. For example, you might only be concerned about doors opening after hours. Climate Guard will email you ...

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