AC-4 Remote Outlet Controller

Remote Outlet Control Means Fewer Site Visits


The AC-4 Remote Outlet Controller allows broadcasters to combine device management and broadcast facility control using the same hardware and software platforms. By providing users with discrete control of 120VAC circuits, the AC-4 makes it easy to power on and power off equipment at a remote location.

Just like a power strip but with a link to the GSC3000, the allows broadcasters to use the GSC3000 for managing any device that would plug in to a normal wall outlet. Users can control power to PCs and other IT infrastructure. Heating and air conditioning units can also integrate, allowing temperature (and energy) control while away from the building. For equipment needing the occasional "power cycle" to solve a problem, the AC-4 can save wasted drive time.

The AC-4 is built with mounting holes and equipped with four outlets.

Key Features

  • Easy to add to any new or existing GSC3000 system
  • Controls four outlets via AutoPilot® 2010 or Voice Interface
  • Remotely reboot equipment to avoid a site visit
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