ARC Plus Remote Control

The Industry's Most Powerful Remote Control

The ARC Plus brings power, flexibility and efficiency to IP-based broadcast remote control. Taking advantage of the scalability of IP and offering innovative options for I/O hardware connectivity, the ARC Plus connects an unlimited number of sites, each with up to 256 channels of metering status and command.

ARC Plus

Access the entire system from the front panel of any unit, take control using a Web-browser or AutoPilot® 2010 software, or dial in to your system over the phone. With ARC-16 backwards compatibility, the ARC Plus allows broadcasters to advance their facility management operation incrementally, protecting the station’s hardware investment.

Key Features

  • IP-based broadcast remote control for exceptional scalability
  • Easy operator access via front panel, web, software or telephone
  • Email alerts and selective alarm reporting allow efficient fault resolution
  • Ready for expansion - scales to 256 metering and status channels, 256 relay pairs (momentary and latching) and 512 virtual channels  
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