ARC Plus Slimline Remote Control

Built on Proven Technology

Built on the proven Burk ARC Plus platform, the ARC Plus SL provides affordable, full-featured broadcast remote control in a slim 1RU footprint.


The embedded web server shows telemetry, alarms and events in real-time, and a mobile PDA interface provides on-the-go access. Ethernet-based I/O connections mean broadcasters can bring up to 256 metering, status and command channels onboard the ARC Plus SL without running any cabling back to the remote control—perfect for distributing monitoring and control throughout the plant.

For dial-out alarm notifications and dial-up monitoring and control access, the ARC Plus SL can communicate with any ARC Plus system that has an ESI Plus installed.

Key Features

  • IP-based single or multi-site control with built-in web server
  • Onboard macros for unattended operation without a PC
  • Email alarm notifications
  • Mobile PDA interface
  • Compatible with all ARC Plus systems and all Plus-X modules, including PlusConnect™ direct transmitter control interfaces
  • Uses same AutoPilot® 2010 and AutoLoad Plus software as ARC Plus
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