More Control. Less Wiring.

By combining the power of the ARC Plus with the convenience of a direct link to the transmitter, the PlusConnect allows broadcasters to manage the entire transmission plant, studio, and IT infrastructure on a single platform.

The PlusConnect provides a seamless link between the ARC Plus remote monitoring and control system and the transmitter, bringing hundreds of transmitter parameters* aboard the ARC Plus. A single serial connection to the transmitter reduces installation time and saves the expense of adding remote control capacity.


IP Architecture

IP connectivity between the ARC Plus and the PlusConnect eliminates the need to run new wires or cable from the transmitter to the remote control. Just add the PlusConnect to your network. ARC Plus communications are secure thanks to an encrypted digital signature sent with each packet.

Optimized Software Display

PlusConnect Custom View (Harris Z Series)

With an AutoPilot® Plus operator interface customized for each supported transmitter, managing the transmitter via software is easier than ever. Essential parameters are integrated in a streamlined custom view – no layout or design work needed. Adding more channels is easy with the drag-and-drop custom view editor.

*Actual number of parameters depends on the transmitter model.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of parameters with one serial or IP connection
  • Single-platform solution simplifies remote site management
  • IP architecture minimizes cable runs and reduces installation time
  • Flexible access points via front panel, web or optional software and telephone interfaces
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