Plus-X Dual IP-8 Adapter

Upgrade your GSC or VRC without Rewiring

Upgrading legacy GSC and VRC systems is faster and more affordable than ever. The Plus-X GSC Adapter connects to up to two GSC/VRC wiring interfaces and command relays using the same DB37 cables as the legacy remote control. Not a single channel needs to be rewired to upgrade to the ARC Plus, saving hours of work.

Plus-X GSC Adapter

Cost Effective Upgrade

The Plus-X GSC Adapter includes all the I/O needed for up to 16 channels, eliminating the need for additional input and output units.

With its 256 channel capacity and Ethernet I/O architecture, a single ARC Plus can replace multiple ARC-16 systems. Simply install a Plus-X GSC Adapter at each site.

Key Features

  • Connects two wiring interfaces and two command relays
  • Provides ARC Plus access to existing GSC/VRC channels without rewiring
  • Ethernet link to ARC Plus
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