PPM Assurance

It takes hard work to maintain a large and loyal listener base. And it's important that this audience is measured accurately so that your station receives full ratings credit. In an Arbitron® PPM market, this means making sure all encoders are working properly and that you can switch immediately to backup gear at the first sign of failure.

PPM Assurance

Burk Technology's PPM Assurance protects ratings and dramatically reduces overhead by constantly monitoring all PPM encoders and providing automatic encoder toggling. Email alerts and exception reporting keep stakeholders up-to-date.

See PPM Assurance in action from the NAB2009 show floor.

Key Features

  • Automates PPM recovery with clear and prompt indication of failure source.
  • Monitors Arbitron encoders, Arbitron monitors, and station's off-air audio to protect against hardware failure, loss of audio, and encoding of incorrect codes.
  • Built-in web server makes setup and monitoring simple and convenient.
  • Email notifications assure clear, consistent communication.
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