SL-1 Serial LAN Extender

Extend the LAN to Remote Locations Over Existing Serial Paths


The SL-1 allows deployment of IP-enabled technologies where traditional Ethernet connectivity is impractical or unavailable. Unlike a serial-to-Ethernet converter, which allows RS-232 devices to operate on an existing Ethernet link, the SL-1 enabled new IP connectivity to the remote site.

Broadcasters gain studio access to IP remote control, web-based configuration for remote equipment, and access to email and other studio resources while at the transmitter site – all without additional monthly charges. The SL-1 also provides a new option for sending RDS data to the remote site.

Operating in pairs over a full-time bidirectional serial link, the SL-1 accommodates a wide variety of RS-232 links, including radio, leased line and dial-up, with appropriate modems. To optimize bandwidth efficiency, the SL-1 learns the location of each network device and transports only those packets destined for the opposite side of the bridge. Since the SL-1 bridges both networks onto the same subnet, integration with the existing IT infrastructure is easy.

Key Features

  • Bring LAN connectivity to sites where Internet access is not available or practical
  • Uses existing serial links with speeds from 9600bps to 115.2kbps
  • Requires no configuration and no IP address
  • Learns which IP addresses are on the remote end to minimize traffic over the serial link
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