VRC2500 Remote Control

Easy to Use Dial-Up Remote Control with All the Power

Based on the GSC3000 platform, the VRC2500 is a dial-up broadcast facility control system that offers simplicity and ease of use without sacrificing the powerful features needed for total facility management. Sixteen channels of metering, status and command are ideal for single-station outfits with modest site requirements. Onboard macros and time-based functions allow the system to monitor conditions and take control of situations automatically, while PC, telephone and available Web-based interfaces provide flexible means for operator management.


The VRC2500 offers a built-in voice interface for dial-up, voice-prompted telephone control. Alarms are reported to telephones, pagers, or PCs running the optional AutoPilot® 2010 software.

Key Features

  • Ideal for single-site stations
  • Built-in automatic functions
  • 16 channels each of metering, status, and command
  • Dial-up voice reporting and control
  • Stand-alone operation or use PC to monitor full-time
  • Three levels of site and application security
  • Configuration is saved in battery-backed memory that retains data if the power is lost
  • Monitors conditions, makes power changes, and automatically logs the data
  • Works with existing VRC2000 accessories
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