AutoPilot® Software Version 4.3.39 is now available.

Posted Sep 28, 2021AutoPilot® Software Version 4.3.39 is now available.

AutoPilot software version 4.3.39 is now available. Changes from version to version 4.3.39 are highlighted below. Detailed descriptions of these changes can be found in the Release Notes document included in the AutoPilot software download package.

New Features and Enhancements

  • ARC Plus MIB files are now automatically loaded in the MIB browser.
  • A warning message now informs users when global logging is disabled.
  • A desktop alert is now displayed when entering full screen mode.
  • Authorization code validation has been enhanced.
  • Alarm management has been enhanced for ARC Solo sites connected via Warp Engine.
  • Warp Engine now automatically detects and downloads configuration changes.
  • TCP/IP connections to the ARC Plus are now encrypted.
  • The Jet Active Flowchart editor will now auto-connect to sites.
  • Alarm details can now be downloaded over Warp Engine.
  • Configurations for ARC Plus networks are no longer combined into a single file.
  • Hidden and unused channels are no longer listed when configuring Warp Engine polling.

Resolved Issues

  • ARC Plus Jet Active Flowcharts are now backed up on the local PC.
  • The Reset Windows command now executes properly.
  • The AutoPilot Windows user interface layout is now automatically backed up and restored.
  • The Status Picture object now displays properly.
  • Bytes sent and received statistics have been removed from the ARC Solo connection details.
  • Font settings now save properly for all command button styles.
  • The Logged Data view now shows status change timestamps in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • The Weather Map object has been removed from the Custom View editor.
  • Firmware version and serial number are no longer cached.
  • AutoPilot start up time has been optimized.
  • Warp Engine connections now close properly.

 To install the new software:

  • Visit and select the AutoPilot support page.
  • Download the compressed (zip) folder titled AutoPilot 4.3.39. 
  • From this folder, extract and save files "Release Notes AutoPilot 4.3.39.pdf" and "AutoPilot_x64_4.3.39.exe". 
  • Launch the AutoPilot_x64_4.3.39.exe file to install the new software version. It is not necessary to uninstall previous versions of the software before executing this file.

For further information or for assistance with this upgrade, please contact Burk Technology Technical Support at 978-486-3711 or by email at