Fire in the Data Center!

Posted Jan 23, 2012

Don't be the last to know.

What would happen in the event of a data center fire? This is probably a topic you have given some serious thought. But ask yourself this: when would you find out about a fire?

The fire department will be the first to know (and rightly so!), then the building owner, upper management, facilities management, etc. Is IT even on the list? Imagine how you would feel if you arrived on a Monday morning and found the aftermath of a weekend disaster.

By adding another smoke detector to the data center, you can make sure you’re notified right away in the event of a fire. Climate Guard can email or text you immediately when the alarm sounds. Early notification means you have as much time as possible to execute your disaster recovery plan.

Climate Guard monitors temperature, humidity, light, sound, smoke and many more parameters. To learn more, try our live, web-based demo. (Username: demo, Password: demo)