Firmware Version 1.0.27 is now available for ARC Solo.

Posted Jun 06, 2016Firmware Version 1.0.27 is now available for ARC Solo.

ARC Solo systems can now be upgraded with new features and capabilities. Changes from firmware version 1.0.22 to 1.0.27 are highlighted below. Detailed descriptions of these changes can be found in the Release Notes document included in the firmware download package. AutoLoad Plus version 3.1.83 or greater must be used in conjunction with this release.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Custom speech files can now be updated remotely via the web interface.
  • ARC Solo can now be configured to send SNMP trap messages.
  • ARC Solo will now respond to an SNMP Get-Request for System Description.
  • The Upload process now verifies compatibility of firmware and web page revisions.
  • User passcodes can now be entered on the RSI phone interface without a terminating # key.

Resolved Issues

  • The Daylight Savings Time offset is now correctly applied on transitions into and out of the DST period.
  • ARC Solo now accepts only letters, numbers or hyphens in NetBIOS/Hostname entries.
  • Web interface controls for clearing alarms are now hidden from observer-level users.
  • Command buttons in the web interface are now grayed out for observer-level users.
  • Audio monitoring via the Recordable Speech Interface (RSI) now times out after 30 seconds.
  • A minimum command duration of 100 mS is now enforced.

To install the new firmware, visit , select the ARC Solo tab, and download Tech Bulletin -- Uploading the ARC Solo Firmware. Follow these instructions to install the ARC Solo firmware folder titled 1.0.27. For further information or for assistance with this upgrade, please contact Burk technical support at 978-486-3711 or by email at