Firmware Version 1.0.36 is now available for ARC Solo.

Posted Dec 28, 2018Firmware Version 1.0.36 is now available for ARC Solo.

ARC Solo systems can now be upgraded with new features and capabilities. Changes from firmware version 1.0.31 to 1.0.36 are highlighted below. Detailed descriptions of these changes can be found in the Release Notes document included in the firmware download package.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Warp Engine now reports only active alarms.
  • A Hyperlink to the ARC Solo manual is now available in the web interface.
  • A Rearm Delay setting has been added for meter and status channel alarms.
  • PASV FTP protocol is now supported.
  • Default speech labels have been added to the Recordable Speech Interface.
  • ARC Solo no longer allows the word “password” to be configured as a user password.

Resolved Issues

  • Muted channels no longer generate alarms.
  • Status settings are now organized in two web pages, Status and Status Alarms.
  • The user login process has been optimized.
  • Username entry is now case insensitive.
  • Attempts to include the underscore character in NetBIOS hostnames are now rejected.
  • Mobile devices are now automatically redirected to the mobile web page.
  • The login screen for the ARC Solo mobile web interface now loads properly.

To install the new firmware, visit, select the ARC Solo support page, and download Manual – Burk Firmware Loader Rev A.

For further information or for assistance with this upgrade, please contact Burk technical support at 978-486-3711 or by email at