Firmware Version is now available for ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL.

Posted Jul 11, 2016Firmware Version is now available for ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL.

ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL systems running Version 5 firmware can now be upgraded with firmware version Changes from firmware version to are highlighted below. Detailed descriptions of these changes can be found in the Release Notes document included in the firmware download package. This version of ARC Plus firmware requires use of AutoLoad Plus version 3.1.84 or higher.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Warp EngineTM polling using AutoPilot® software is now supported. AutoPilot version 2.10.50 or greater must be used for Warp Engine operation.
  • The alarm for communications network failure between the ARC Plus and a connected Plus-X device can now be suppressed.

Resolved Issues

  • The inversion flag is now properly accounted for on virtual status channels.
  • Virtual channel calculations now correctly track state changes of status variables.
  • Virtual channel configuration on a channel formerly assigned to a Plus-X device now takes effect without delay.
  • Visual indicators now identify offline status for channels associated with non-communicating Plus-X devices.
  • Email addresses on alarm notification messages are now properly separated by semicolons.
  • Delays based on Wait commands in Jet Flowcharts or Macros executing on the ARC Plus are now implemented with improved accuracy.
  • Web page processing efficiency and priority are now enhanced.
  • (ARC Plus Touch only) The Recordable Speech Interface now reports status for all networked ARC Plus units when requested.

To install the new firmware, follow these steps:

1) Visit and select the support page for ARC Plus Touch or ARC Plus SL.

2) Download and install AutoLoad Plus version 3.1.84 or higher.

3) Download the ARC Plus zip folder titled ARC Plus

4) From this zip folder, extract and save files "Release Notes ARC Plus" and "ArcPlus_5_0_3_5.bin".

5) At the Windows Start Menu, navigate to All Programs > Burk Technology > AutoLoad Plus > ARC Plus Firmware Loader.

6) Launch the ARC Plus Firmware Loader and browse to the "ArcPlus_5_0_3_5.bin" file to complete the installation.

7) If you are using AutoPilot software in conjunction with this ARC Plus, download and install AutoPilot 2.10.50 or higher from the AutoPilot support page at

8) To download the ARC Plus Touch Version 5 User Guide, rev 8, visit, select the support page for ARC Plus Touch, and click on ARC Plus Touch Version 5 User Guide.

For further information or for assistance with this upgrade, please contact Burk technical support at 978-486-3711 or by email at