Stop server room leaks before they become floods

Posted Nov 04, 2011

Water damage can be one of the most serious IT disasters. Climate Guard alerts you to leaks before it's too late.

Protecting your servers from water damage is affordable and easy.
Server rooms can suffer water damage from many sources. Burst pipes or a faulty fire sprinkler system can cause rapid, devastating damage. A roof leak might wait until a rainstorm to reveal its destructive potential. Even air conditioners and other server room cooling solutions can leak water, creating hazardous pools where you need them least.

Climate Guard's flood/leak sensor is a simple and cost effective way to detect the presence of water in the server room. Install sensors near pipes, windows, AC equipment, or any other area that may be susceptible to leaks. Climate Guard will notify appropriate IT or facilities personnel via email, SMS or SNMP the moment it detects water. Climate Guard's onboard charts will visually indicate the frequency and duration of any flood/leak events, allowing you to more effectively remedy problem areas.

See Climate Guard in action with our live demo. (Username: demo, Password: demo)