Upgrade to ARC Plus V3 for Free

Posted Mar 29, 2015

End of support announced for ARC Plus Version 2 Firmware

Upgrade to Version 3 Now

ARC Plus Web Interface

ARC Plus and ARC Plus SL users running firmware Version 2 can now upgrade to Version 3 with a free download from http://www.burk.com/downloads.

V2 firmware is end-of-life and end-of support. Upgrading to V3 will ensure continued access to Burk technical support and will bring your system up to date with the latest performance enhancements and a whole range of new features.

The all-new web interface brings you platform independence, faster response and more flexible navigation. The clear graphical display presents all channel values, alarms and events, and puts commands and macros at your fingertips. Java is no longer required.


The smartphone web page is much improved from V2, bringing in an updated look and new features.

New in Version 3, Meter Actions automatically issue a command or run/stop a macro when a meter channel crosses a limit. Status Actions do the same for status channels.

Set meter and status values directly from a macro. Store the current value of channel future reference. Easily display macro events as meter values and macro states as status values.

Run two different macros one channel.WhileV2 could start and stop a macro with raise/lower now you can start one macro using raise and another using lower. This eliminates the need to loop macros for most functions.

New macro features like email templates give you more informative email alerts. Pre-configure email templates with your text and add tokens for key parameters like site name, date, time, meter values or status values.

Upgrading to Version 3 is free and easy. First visit www.burk.com/downloads and download the latest point release of Arc Plus V3 firmware, along with the newest version of AutoLoad Plus and the ARC Plus /AutoLoad Plus Version 3 UserGuide. 

Refer to the Upgrading Firmware section in the User Guide for complete installation instructions.

Don’t delay. Upgrade now and get all the benefits of V3 for Free!