Visually Monitoring Server Room Access History

Posted Aug 26, 2011

Climate Guard’s innovative approach to visually displaying closure activity makes monitoring server room access easy and intuitive.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Log Lines
Using door contacts and motion sensors, keeping tabs on server room access with Climate Guard is easy. Climate Guard can alert you when someone accesses a sensitive area, and will automatically store a log of sensor activity.

However, simple text logs can be cumbersome to read, and are often so lengthy that they are hardly worth examining at all. Climate Guard offers a “closure chart” to graphically display activity on inputs such as motion sensors and door contacts.

Accessing this chart is no different from charting temperature. From Climate Guard’s History page, select “Closure” from the Sensor Type list, and select the desired sensors and time range. Click the Update button, and Climate Guard will load your data.

A Simple Scenario
This chart shows activity in the server room between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM. There are three sensors:

1. A door contact on the server room door

2. A motion sensor

3. A door contact on Rack #1’s door

The chart shows horizontal bars indicating when each sensor was tripped.

We can see that a technician opened the server room door at 10:04:13. The motion sensor trips as the tech walks across the room. Next, Rack #1’s door opens and remains open until 10:24:54 while the tech performs routine maintenance. Finally, we see the motion sensor trip again as the tech walks back across the room, opening the server room door to leave around 10:25:40.

Climate Guard’s closure chart turns a tedious chore into a quick and simple process that will save time and facilitate more robust access monitoring.

Note: If we want to see the actual log entries, Climate Guard also displays a simple log.