We’ll keep the lights out for you.

Posted Mar 21, 2012

Keeping an eye on the server room during business hours is hard enough. After hours, it can be a real challenge. Climate Guard is smart about how when it sends an alert, allowing you to respond to condition after hours without being bombarded by data throughout the day.

Schedule your Alerts

Activity that is normal during business hours can be evidence of a problem at night or over the weekend. Doors opening, lights left on, movement, etc, may all indicate that something abnormal is occurring at a time when the server room should be dark, empty and still. Simply having a monitor email you every time the door opens, however, will quickly become irritating.Climate Guard allows you to schedule when you want to receive alerts, and where you want to receive them. For example, you might only be concerned about doors opening after hours. Climate Guard will email you only during the hours you designate, and keep quiet for the rest of the day—eliminating nuisance alerts.You might also want Climate Guard to email only on-call staff. Just tell Climate Guard each person’s schedule, and it will email or text only the appropriate person.Be sure to watch for critical conditions after hours: temperature, humidity, water and signs of intrusion. And make sure the lights are out – they cost money to run and only serve to heat up the room!

See Climate Guard in action with our live, web-based demo. (Username: demo, Password: demo)