What happened to AutoPilot® 2010?

Posted May 01, 2015

Our Continuous Improvement Program results in new releases as improvements are made, and there have been many since 2010. As we continue to refine the product, we have chosen to return to the original brand name, differentiating releases only by revision number.

The Original AutoPilot brand goes back to the early ‘90s when we replaced CDL for ARC-16 with a new program running on DOS on an 80386 or, new at the time, a 486 processor. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Now, AutoPilot lets you manage all the Burk remote control systems in your network, from the early ARC-16s and GSC3000s to current generation ARC Plus Touch and ARC Solo equipment.And you can monitor third party networking gear like printers, routers and switches using AutoPilot’s built-in SNMP manager.With AutoPilot it’s easy to monitor real-time data from multiple sources, manage alarms, and create detailed reports.

The Custom View editor lets you combine status indicators, meter readings and control buttons into custom control screens tailored to the needs of your operation.If you’re managing a single transmitter site, you may want to combine all the critical facility and transmitter controls and indicators in a single convenient screen.If you need to keep an eye on multiple transmitter sites, you can create summary screens that let you quickly isolate problems to a particular region or site.No matter what size network you are managing, AutoPilot Custom Views give you complete access and control.

Using the AutoPilot logging engine and report generation tools you can create detailed, customized reports, show alarm history and event summaries, track status changes over time, and print telemetry logs. Reports can be run on-demand or scheduled to run periodically.

Optional JetTM Active Flowcharts make site automation easy, with no programming required.The simple drag-and-drop interface lets you create easy-to-read flowcharts to control your automated functions.Jet Active Flowcharts can be run directly on the ARC Plus system for reliable automatic functions without depending on a computer.

AutoPilot will continue to evolve to satisfy your remote control requirements now and in the future.