Who Knows Where You Live?

Posted Apr 16, 2016Who Knows Where You Live?

If your remote site is on the open internet, you might be leaving the keys with the wrong people.

We did a recent search with a popular IoT search tool and located 89 remote control systems, complete with call letters and IP addresses. Sure, a hacker would have to know the username and password to gain control of your transmitter, but 25% of the ones we actually checked gave up the goods by using the defaults.

It’s a lot more than who can see your PA current… It’s who can decide whether or not you are on the air. Most broadcasters wouldn’t leave the transmitter building key under the mat, but many are doing just that with IP security.

Chris Tarr, Director of Engineering at Entercom Wisconsin, did a post on this subject for our friends at Telos. This affects every piece of gear that you have on the network, so click on over and read his well written piece.