Line Voltage Sensor

Monitor AC Power Circuits

Each LVS monitors a single phase AC power circuit and provides a low-voltage DC output sample that tracks linearly with the AC input voltage. Additional LVS units can be added to monitor multi-phase AC power systems.


5.25" (13.34 cm) H x 3" (7.62 cm) W x 2.15" (5.46 cm) D

Operating Range:

55-480 VAC

Output Signal:

0-4.75 VDC, representing 0-576 VAC. DC Output representative of 1/100 AC RMS line voltage.

Status Output:

Logic low open-collector output. Closure to ground when line voltage on input terminals is greater than 55 VAC.

AC Indicator LED:

12VAC minimum required for LED to illuminate.

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Key Features

  • Linear, low-voltage DC output
  • Open-collector status output indicates AC voltage input. Connect to Remote Control System to indicate when power is normal.
  • AC Indicator LED indicates presence of live voltage and warns of potential shock hazards present inside the LVS.
  • Internal transient protection protects the LVS from electrical disturbances
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