Simple, Scalable,Secure Remote Site Access...

     from the NOC or from the Field

Engineers and managers in the field can now monitor and control all their remote sites over a single secure web link. Authorized users simply launch a browser window on a smartphone, tablet or PC to confirm the status of their entire network and to initiate commands to keep their stations on the air. 

Easy-to-use customizable interface

Arcadia provides summary data at national, regional or market levels, with the ability to drill down for detailed status and control of individual sites. Default screens for each site are generated automatically providing an instant overview of facility status. Users can create their own custom screens highlighting information from multiple sites including meters, status indicators, control buttons, charts, graphics, maps and embedded web sites. Alternatively, standardized hierarchies and site views can be created by the system administrator and shared with selected users based on access privileges. Arcadia’s responsive user interface adapts to fit each browser’s screen size, enabling easy viewing on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Consolidated NOC communications

NOC facilities running Burk’s popular AutoPilot® software can leverage Arcadia’s centralized communications architecture. Using fast, light Warp EngineTM connections, Arcadia compiles data from hundreds of sites at a rate of 100 sites per second enabling continuous refresh of AutoPilot custom views and alarm logs. NOC operators can view, manage and report on events from a single centralized database facilitating data reduction and WAN optimization.

World class network security

Arcadia resides on a cloud-based or customer-premises server inside the customer’s firewall providing integrated access to ARC Plus and ARC Solo remote control systems throughout the company’s network. User access to the Arcadia server over the public internet is encrypted and secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Microsoft Active Directory authenticates each user for access to specifically authorized sites and channels.  

Ordering information

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Arcadia delivers consolidated access to all remote sites over a single secure web link to PC's, smartphones and tablets.

Minimum system requirements: Windows server or cloud service sized per number of Arcadia licensed remote control units. Arcadia works with Autopilot licensed ARC Plus V5, ARC Solo or Arcturus units.

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Arcadia NOC enables Network Operations Center workstations to refresh continuously from the Arcadia server, optimizing network utilization and alarm management. License is per ARC Plus V5, ARC Solo or Arcturus unit with prerequisite Arcadia and AutoPilot licenses.

Key Features

  • Consolidated access for NOCs and web browsers
  • Responsive for use on smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • Simple, scalable, secure
  • Manage all your sites wherever you are.
  • Save time.
  • Reduce travel costs.