Hosted Remote Management

Arcadia24 is managed by Burk and hosted in the Burk Cloud, making secure remote access easy for groups or individual stations.

Arcadia24 delivers remote facility control to station engineers and managers via their mobile devices. Hosted by Burk Technology on AWS, each customer’s Arcadia24 service is installed, configured, managed and maintained by Burk remote control experts.  

Secure Access

Web links from mobile devices to the Arcadia24 server are locked down and encrypted using the latest generation of Transport Layer Security (TLS), ensuring that only authorized users can access and control each remote facility. Encrypted VPN tunnels and firewall protection guard communications between Arcadia24 and each remote site.

Instant Updates

Cloud based, Arcadia24 communicates with each remote site at its optimum rate, accommodating variations in communications speed and performance. The most current data from all sites is then made available for instant display on authorized mobile devices.

Arcadia24 users are authenticated via Microsoft AD LDS, with each user’s access restricted to specified channels, sites, and station groups. Control of critical site functions can be strictly limited to key personnel while overall site performance may be made visible to a wider group of authorized users.

Customized Matrix Views

Burk provides customized graphical control screens for each site connected to Arcadia24, giving station personnel instant access to critical site information. Sites can be grouped based regional hierarchy, engineering responsibility or other criteria, with easy drill-down to display performance summaries. The Arcadia24 user interface seamlessly supports smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Arcadia24 manages remote sites equipped with Burk Technology v5 ARC Plus or ARC Solo remote control systems.

Key Features

  • Quick setup
  • Low up-front cost
  • Ideal for contract engineers