Antenna Site Management

Arcturus is a complete, turnkey solution providing management and safety for multiplexed TV and FM antenna sites. The system is designed to serve multiple clients on shared antenna systems, while guarding important mutual assets.

Fast RF Fault Detection

Arcturus monitors key RF and environmental parameters including forward power, VSWR, line pressure and temperature. Rapid activation of transmitter interlocks in reaction to VSWR faults removes RF energy from the combiner and antenna system, minimizing the risk of loss or damage.

Proactive Fault Prevention

Predictive Analytics monitors and correlates key parameters, identifying abnormal trends before dangerous thresholds are reached. Maintenance can be scheduled to avert costly failures.

Proven Hardware for High Reliability

Arcturus hardware is based on ARC Plus technology proven in thousands of broadcast facilities. This high reliability platform has been extended to provide the ultimate in fast, dependable protection for combiners, transmission lines and antennas.

Integration with Remote Control

For stations using Burk AutoPilot®, Arcturus data may be integrated with transmitter data and included in studio or NOC displays.


Precision RF Sensor

Part #: PRF-1

The Precision RF Sensor produces scalable DC samples from any directional coupler, providing reliable forward and reflected power indications, permitting accurate VSWR calculation. The sensor connects to the directional coupler through a type “N” Connector. Bring the sample into any remote control system, or use with the Plus-X VSWR for monitoring of antenna sites with Arcturus or ARC Plus. Each transmission line typically requires two RF sensors, one for forward power and one for reflected power. 

Wide frequency response from 50 to 1000 MHz enables accurate measurement of individual transmitter outputs or multi-channel RF signals such as those found in combined antenna systems. The Precision RF Sensor accommodates signals with high or low peak to average ratios, making it suitable for both analog and digital power measurement. 

The unit can be installed on any directional coupler equipped with a Type N connector, without the need for additional mounting hardware.


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The TEMP-OUTDOOR digital outdoor temperature sensor is included with the BTU‐4D/BTU-4D-I systems, and is intended for general purpose monitoring of equipment or ambient temperatures. Temperature accuracy: ±0.5° C from -10° C to 85° C. The TEMP-OUTDOOR sensor is attached to 25’ of cable with an RJ-12 connector on the end. The sensor has a mounting ring and gasket to accommodate #6 or #8 hardware. The sensing elements are sealed for added protection from dirt and moisture.



The TEMP-INDOOR Sensor is a general-purpose, digital, indoor temperature sensor tailored for monitoring ambient temperatures within a room or in an equipment rack. Temperature accuracy: ±0.5° C from -10° C to 85° C. Cables are not supplied with this sensor — order 25’ RJ-12 cable, part number SENSOR CABLE.



The TEMP-WALLMOUNT Sensor is housed in a 2 5/8” x 5” enclosure with air vents to facilitate sensing of the environment. Temperature accuracy: ±0.5° C from -10° C to 85° C. A 14’ cable is provided with an RJ-12 connector on one end. The TEMP-INDOOR has a large, easy to connect barrier strip that accommodates flat or Phillips type screwdrivers

Humidity Sensor


Combined digital humidity and temperature sensor for Climate Guard or Plus-X EM series. Humidity ranges from 0–100% RH. Temperature accuracy for Humidity Sensors Rev C and above is ±0.5° C from -10° C to 85° C.
Requires Digital Sensor Cable

Line Voltage Sensor

Part #: LVS

Monitor AC Power Circuits

Each LVS monitors a single phase AC power circuit and provides a low-voltage DC output sample that tracks linearly with the AC input voltage. Additional LVS units can be added to monitor multi-phase AC power systems.

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I/O Options


Control any SNMP device on your LAN or WAN

Save time and reduce wiring cost.

Now it’s easier than ever to connect to remote site equipment using SNMP Plus, the new optional SNMP manager inside the ARC Plus Touch or ARC Plus SL*. Integrate any SNMP-enabled device on your LAN or WAN with no additional wiring.

Monitor, display and log SNMP data in real time.

Map SNMP data directly to ARC Plus status and meter channels. Set alarm thresholds for fault detection. Respond automatically to changes in SNMP parameters using JetTM Active Flowcharts.

Manage alarms efficiently.

SNMP Traps, changes on SNMP status channels or threshold crossings on SNMP meter channels can be configured to generate email or SMS text alarm messages, or to make dial-out telephone calls using the Recordable Speech Interface, just like any other ARC Plus channel.

Take control with SNMP.

All the command and control capabilities of the ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL can now be directed to your SNMP-enabled site equipment. Configure ARC Plus control channels to send SNMP “set” commands. Send commands to SNMP equipment on-the-fly using the ARC Plus smartphone interface. Combine SNMP with traditional parallel I/O in comprehensive automated functions.

Mix it up with SNMP Plus and Plus-X I/O.

SNMP-enabled devices at the transmitter site sit side-by-side with units that require parallel wiring for meters, status and control connections. Plus-X units let you distribute this I/O wherever it is needed in the broadcast facility or at other remote sites. ARC Plus connects to Plus-X units over the same LAN or WAN that it uses for SNMP communication, simplifying wiring and providing total facility control.

* Requires Version 5 ARC Plus Touch or ARC Plus SL.


Protect your RF Plant Investment

Plus-X VSWR protects your investment in RF combiners, transmission lines and antenna systems by fast activation of transmitter interlocks. The system monitors forward and reflected power on up to four transmission lines, continuously updating VSWR calculations, and takes immediate action when user-defined thresholds are exceeded.

Integrate with ARC Plus or Arcturus

Plus-X VSWR combines with other Plus-X devices in your system for comprehensive monitoring and control of your entire operation.

Fault Tolerant Design

Redundant relay outputs assure reliable interlock operation. Three strike logic provides quick recovery from transient events, maximizing uptime while keeping the system safe.

Fully Autonomous Operation

Even if the connection to the remote control is lost, Plus-X VSWR continues to operate.

Plus-X IIU

Expandable Metering and Status for the ARC Plus

Each Plus-X Integrated Input Unit (Plus-X IIU) connects 16 meter and up to 32* status channels to the ARC Plus. Metering channels can be configured for different voltage ranges, and may optionally be used as status inputs. Connect up to 16 Plus-X Integrated Input Units to one ARC Plus for 256 input channels.

Economically Expand Remote Control

Add Plus-X Integrated Input Units anywhere IP access is available. Use existing ARC Plus units to monitor and control additional remote sites.

*Includes 16 dedicated status inputs. Meter channels may be used as status inputs for a total of 32 status channels.


Command Channels for the ARC Plus Grow with your Needs

Each Plus-X Integrated Command Relay Unit (Plus-X ICRU) facilitates the connection of 16 relays to the ARC Plus. Relays can be used individually, or in raise/lower pairs, and can be configured as momentary or latching. Connect up to 32 units to one ARC Plus for 256 channels.

Economically Expand Remote Control

Add Plus-X Integrated Command Relay Units anywhere IP access is available. Use existing ARC Plus units to monitor and control additional remote sites.

Plus-X 600

Versatile I/O

The Plus-X 600 is designed to be a versatile I/O solution, suitable for a wide range of applications. Its 1RU form factor allows maximum functionality in minimal space, with a cost effective combination of channels.

Easy Installation

Thanks to IP connectivity between the Plus-X 600 and the ARC Plus, installation is straightforward. Sample voltages connect directly to the Plus-X 600 using the included Phoenix-type connectors. There is no need for external breakout panels.

Affordable Expansion Options

The Plus-X 600 is part of the Plus-X family of ARC Plus Ethernet I/O devices. Expanding an ARC Plus system is easy and affordable. IP connectivity allows installation of additional units virtually anywhere, and the 256 channel capacity of the ARC Plus leaves plenty of room for future expansion.

Plus-X 300

Now it’s easier than ever to monitor and control equipment in all areas of the facility using simple, Ethernet-based connectivity. The Plus-X 300 eight-channel I/O interface adds eight metering or status inputs and eight relay outputs to any new or existing ARC Plus remote control system, providing a versatile, cost-effective expansion path.

Thanks to IP connectivity between the Plus-X 300 and the ARC Plus, installation is straightforward. Sample voltages connect directly to the Plus-X 300 using the included Phoenix-type connectors. There is no need for external breakout panels.

Plus-X AC-8

Remote Outlet Control Means Fewer Site Visits

The Plus-X AC-8 remote outlet controller makes it easy to manage power to 120V equipment at remote locations. Connect the Plus-X AC-8 to PCs, servers and other IT or broadcast equipment, and save wasted drive time when remote gear needs a power cycle.

Connect the Plus-X AC-8 to the Burk ARC Plus, interface it with an existing transmitter remote control, or operate it in web-only mode. No matter what you choose, the Plus-X AC-8 offers unmatched versatility.

Key Features

  • Turnkey solution for multiplexed antenna sites
  • Management for combiners, transmission lines and antennas
  • High-speed VSWR fault detection
  • Compatible with AutoPilot®