Jet™ Active Flowcharts

Turn your Remote Site into an Island of Reliability

Automated functions using intuitive JetTM Active Flowcharts react instantly without the need for a PC or a live network connection. Automatically manage main/aux transmitter switching, air chain backup, HVAC and more.

Jet Active Flowcharts allows engineers to express their operational logic in a way that is intuitive and natural. Users can design a wide range of automatic functions by drawing flowcharts using the simple drag=and-drop flowchart editor.

Flowcharts execute directly on the ARC Plus or ARC Solo at the remote site, eliminating the need for a full-time PC connection. Jet Active Flowcharts is standard with ARC Solo and optional with ARC Plus.

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Available as an extension to AutoPilot, Jet Active Flowcharts make automatic intelligent site control easier than ever. Broadcasters can design a wide range of automatic functions by drawing simple flowcharts to describe how the remote control should respond to different conditions. Jet works with any site in AutoPilot, even supporting multi-site control using different models of remote control.

Key Features

  • JetTM Active Flowcharts keep on working even when the network is down.
  • Flowcharts run directly on ARC Plus or ARC Solo – no PC Required.
  • Drag-and-drop editor makes flowchart design simple and intuitive.