Firmware version is now available for ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL

Posted Jan 30, 2019Firmware version is now available for ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL

ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL systems running version 5 firmware can now be upgraded with firmware version Changes from firmware version to are highlighted below. Detailed descriptions of these changes can be found in the Release Notes document included in the firmware download package. This version of ARC Plus firmware requires use of AutoLoad Plus version 3.1.123 or higher and AutoPilot®. version 2.10.65 or higher.

New Features and Enhancements

  • System alarm messages have been expanded for Plus-X devices.
  • Captures are now available to version 5 ARC Plus Touch and SL users.
  • Enhancements have been made to the macro engine for macro settable channels.
  • Timer Channels are now available.
  • Actions can now be initiated based on offline and online state changes.
  • ARC Plus now rejects invalid http requests.
  • Plus-X device handshake has been enhanced.
  • Increased security added to HTTP logins.
  • Virtual channels have been enhanced to accommodate offline channel references.
  • The ARC Plus SNMP Agent port is now set to 0 by default.
  • Additional SNMP data types are now supported.
  • Status channels using SNMP now support special characters when matching to a string.
  • Longer email addresses and passwords are now accepted.
  • Commands are now tracked in the event log by default.

Resolved Issues

  • The web interface “Log On” button no longer requires focus to log in.
  • Virtual channels based on averaged meter channels now update correctly.

 To install the new firmware, follow these steps:

  • Visit and select the support page for ARC Plus Touch or ARC Plus SL.
  • Download and install Burk Firmware Loader 1.0.9 or higher.
  • Download Manual – Burk Firmware Loader, and follow the instructions for updating the ARC Plus firmware. 

For further information or for assistance with this upgrade, please contact Burk technical support at 978-486-3711 or by email at