No longer available. Burk recommends the ARC Plus Touch for new systems. Upgrade existing systems to ARC Plus Touch using the Plus-X GSC Adapter.


The Burk VRC2500 was a popular remote control for many years. Building on the original designs, Burk offered many updates to the firmware and kept the hardware current as long as possible. Inevitably, technology advances, opening the door to new designs rich with improvements most asked for by broadcasters. The ARC Plus Touch is now the flagship of the Burk Technology product line, offering unprecedented convenience and reliability for today’s broadcast operations.
Transitioning from the VRC2500 to the ARC Plus Touch is easy using the Plus-X GSC Adapter. Simply replace the VRC2500 with the Adapter and plug in the Wiring Interface Units and Command Relay Units. It takes less than an hour and is substantially less expensive too.

ARC Plus Touch
The ARC Plus Touch offers built-in IP control with web and smartphone access, built-in macros and virtual channels, and is expandable to up to 256 channels using distributed I/O modules connected via Ethernet.Learn more about the ARC Plus Touch.

ARC Solo
Ideal for sites where expansion capability is not required, the ARC Solo includes many of the powerful features of the ARC Plus while offering the simplicity of a self-contained remote control unit.Learn more about the ARC Solo.

Data Access Arrangement for GSC/VRC

Part #: DAA

Replacement Data Access Arrangement for the GSC3000 and VRC2500 voice interface

Sub Products

GSC/VRC IP Converter

Add IP Connectivity to GSC3000 and VRC2500 Systems

The GSC/VRC IP Converter brings modern IP connectivity to legacy GSC3000 and VRC2500 remote control systems. Simply connect the IP Converter between the remote control and LAN to unlock a wide range of new remote control possibilities.

Replace Legacy Links with Existing IP Infrastructure

Legacy remote control links require costly circuits and communications hardware. Data service providers are increasingly phasing out technologies that broadcasters have long relied on for critical applications.

The GSC/VRC IP Converter uses existing IP infrastructure to modernize remote control, allowing broadcasters to drop expensive, obsolete technologies.

Expand Control Possibilities with Multi-User Access

Traditional dialup and point-to-point links limit site control to a single connection. The GSC/VRC IP Converter creates exciting new possibilities with simultaneous multi-user access over TCP/IP.

Unlike generic solutions, the GSC/VRC IP Converter is specifically built for reliable use by multiple users simultaneously. Built-in packet analysis prevents data corruption and ensures dependable command and telemetry performance.