Automating Remote Site Control with Jet™ Active Flowcharts

Posted Oct 26, 2021Automating Remote Site Control with Jet™ Active Flowcharts

Intelligent automatic site control is easy using Jet Active Flowcharts with simple drag-and-drop flowchart design. Automated functions can be run directly on the ARC Plus Touch or ARC Solo unit, eliminating the need for a full-time PC connection. Jet Active Flowcharts allow engineers to express their operational logic in a way that is intuitive and natural.

Join us for step-by-step instructions on creating and executing Jet Active Flowcharts to keep your remote site on the air.


• Use Jet Active Flowcharts with Custom Views

• Launch the Jet Designer

• Draw a simple Jet Active Flowchart

• Schedule and save a Jet Active Flowchart

• Use advanced conditionals and actions

• Trigger flowcharts based on alarms and events

• Restore a flowchart from a backup file

• Implement site to site control

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Tuesday, November 9, 10AM EST

Thursday, November 11, 2PM EST

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