Burk Technology introduces SNMP manager for ARC Plus Touch

Posted Apr 15, 2016Burk Technology introduces SNMP manager for ARC Plus Touch

Integrated SNMP management enables direct control of all SNMP devices on the LAN or WAN, with simplified installation and reduced wiring expense.

LITTLETON, MA, March 31, 2016 — At the 2016 NAB Show, Burk Technology will demonstrate SNMP Plus, a fully-featured SNMP manager in the ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL remote control systems.

SNMP Plus enables seamless integration with a growing list of SNMP-enabled equipment. In addition to transmitters, SNMP interfaces are now available on air chain and signal processing equipment, STLs and satellite IRDs, power generation and UPS systems as well as environmental and security devices, to name a few. SNMP data can be assigned to ARC Plus meter and status channels with programmable alarm thresholds and flexible notification via email, SMS text or dial-up phone, just like any other input channel. Remote access via smartphone, web or telephone allows direct execution of SNMP commands. JetTM Active Flowcharts make it easy to combine SNMP with traditional parallel I/O in comprehensive automated functions for scheduled configuration changes and quick response to failure events.

“SNMP Plus is another way to help our customers do more with less,” said Matt Leland, director of sales at Burk Technology. “Integration of SNMP devices is as simple as mapping control and monitoring parameters to ARC Plus channels. This not only eliminates copper wiring, but provides access to a much broader range of monitoring and control points. And with AutoPilot® custom views, engineers can manage all their remote site equipment from a single screen, eliminating the need to access a different user interface for each piece of gear.”

SNMP Plus is offered as an option on new ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL systems, and can be added to units in the field at version 5 or greater.

About Burk Technology

Burk Technology designs and manufactures high quality facility control systems for the broadcast industry, with thousands of active radio and TV installations across the US and around the world. Burk brings over 30 years of innovation and continuous improvement to transmitter remote control, setting the standards for reliability, flexibility and ease of operation. For additional information, please contact sales@burk.com or visit www.burk.com or https://www.facebook.com/BurkTechnology.

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