ARC Solo

Powerful All-In-One Remote Monitoring and Control

The ARC Solo includes many of the powerful features of the ARC Plus while offering the simplicity of a self-contained remote control unit. 16 meters, status and relays are all available on the rear apron. Automatic functions, email notifications and even the new Recordable Speech Interface are built in.

Efficient, Flexible Alarm Notification

Alert appropriate personnel with selective alarms. Targeted alerts via email, SMS or telephone assure the proper response.

Built-In Telephone Access

Burk’s Recordable Speech Interface is built right in for dial-in/dial-out telephone control. Featuring a pre-recorded vocabulary tailored for the broadcast industry, users can add up to 1,000 words or short phrases using standard .WAV files.

Access from Anywhere

The ARC Solo includes a built-in web server, allowing access from any PC, smartphone or tablet without installing software. PC-based management is available using the optional AutoPilot® software.

Automate with Jet™ Active Flowcharts

Intelligent automatic site control is available using Jet, included with ARC Solo. Automatic functionality is built into the ARC Solo, eliminating the need for a full-time PC connection.

Self Contained for Easy Installation

The built-in wiring interface means nothing else to buy or install. Just hook up the meter and status inputs, on-board relays, telco and LAN.


3.5" (8.89 cm) H

19" (48.26 cm) W

12" (30.48 cm) D

Operating Temperature:

0° to 40° C

Power Requirements:

100 to 240VAC, 47–63Hz, 1A;

Power entry module with standard, grounded power cord supplied;

1A fuse protection


16 status, 16 metering, 16 relays

Metering Input Range:

-10 to +10VDC>

99.75% accuracy, full scale

Status Input Range:

0 to +28VDC or switch closure

<.5 VDC = ON; >2.1VDC = OFF

Relay Contacts:

Form C;momentary or latching;

max 5A, 240VAC

Front Panel Indicators:

Red/Green LEDs for Alarm, Remote;

Power indicated by any lit LED

Front Panel Control:

Remote (maintenance lockout)

Rear Panel Connections


16 Relay Contacts (48pins)

16 Status Inputs (24pins)

16 Meter Inputs (24pins)

RJ-11: Telco

RCA Phono: Audio Out, Audio In

RJ-45: Ethernet

RJ-11: Sensors (future)

IEC: Power


Ethernet, Web Server, Dial-up

Telephone Interface:

RSI Recordable Speech Interface built-in.

Includes standard broadcast vocabulary;

ability to record custom phrases

Automatic Functions:

On-board macros

Email :

10 email lists of up to 20 email addresses each

Transient Suppressor

Part #: TS-1

Transient Suppressor with Flexible Mounting Options

 The TS-1 Transient Suppressor provides transient voltage surge suppression for equipment connected to a dial telephone line with standard RJ-13 or RJ-11 connectors. The high quality die cast aluminum enclosure houses a passive, three-stage protection device designed to conduct destructive energy safely to ground.

Both RJ connections are protected, while allowing the normal ring voltage and voice or data to pass unimpeded. Studio or transmitter audio equipment connected to a two-pair dedicated stereo telco circuit may be protected with the TS-1.

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Data Access Arrangement for RSI

Part #: DAA2

Replacement Data Access Arrangement for the RSI used in ARC Plus Touch and ARC Solo

Precision RF Sensor

Part #: PRF-1

The Precision RF Sensor produces scalable DC samples from any directional coupler, providing reliable forward and reflected power indications, permitting accurate VSWR calculation. The sensor connects to the directional coupler through a type “N” Connector. Bring the sample into any remote control system, or use with the Plus-X VSWR for monitoring of antenna sites with Arcturus or ARC Plus. Each transmission line typically requires two RF sensors, one for forward power and one for reflected power. 

Wide frequency response from 50 to 1000 MHz enables accurate measurement of individual transmitter outputs or multi-channel RF signals such as those found in combined antenna systems. The Precision RF Sensor accommodates signals with high or low peak to average ratios, making it suitable for both analog and digital power measurement. 

The unit can be installed on any directional coupler equipped with a Type N connector, without the need for additional mounting hardware.


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Tower Light Monitor

Part #: TLM

Monitor Steady or Flashing Beacon Lamps

The TLM is a universal lamp alarm relay designed to sense the failure of flashing or steady incandescent beacon lamps or steady side lights. The toroidal current sensor provides islolation and allows monitoring of more than one line at a time. The TLM energizes when one or more lamps fail. It will monitor the operation of up to four side lights or four beacon lamps.

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Line Voltage Sensor

Part #: LVS

Monitor AC Power Circuits

Each LVS monitors a single phase AC power circuit and provides a low-voltage DC output sample that tracks linearly with the AC input voltage. Additional LVS units can be added to monitor multi-phase AC power systems.

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AC Current Sensor

Part #: 910-093-001

Combined Transformer and Signal Conditioner 

The AC Current Sensor combines a transformer and a signal conditioner into one package. The AC Current Sensor has a selectable input range and an industry standard 0-5VDC output. The AC Current Sensor is designed for application on "linear" or sinusoidal AC loads and is housed in a solid-core case.

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The BTU-4D Burk Digital Temperature Unit connects up to four digital temperature sensors to an ARC Solo remote control or to a Plus-X input device in an ARC Plus system. Sensor cables up to 1000 feet long are supported without measurement degradation. The unit also provides a low voltage output sample that tracks linearly with the AC line voltage.

Each temperature output supplies 10mV per degree Fahrenheit or Celsius, based on a jumper setting on the BTU-4D/BTU-4D-I.

The BTU-4D/BTU-4D-I  is supplied with:

  • One 120 V AC power adapter for BTU-4D or a 220V AC power adapter for BTU-4D-I  
  • One TEMP-OUTDOOR sensor for either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature measurement 
  • One 6‐terminal Phoenix-style plug for connection to monitoring equipment 

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Key Features

  • IP-based broadcast remote control
  • Easy operator access via web, PC software, smartphone or telephone
  • Email alerts and selective alarm reporting for efficient fault resolution
  • 16 meters, status and relays, all available on the rear apron for a complete, single unit remote control