AutoPilot® for Archer

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

AutoPilot for Archer provides multi-site remote facilities management using Archer monitoring and control systems from Burk Technology.Monitor the performance of your complete radio system on a single screen, then drill down for full access and control of individual sites.Run AutoPilot for Archer on a computer at your Communications Center or carry it with you on your notebook PC. Multiple instances of AutoPilot can run simultaneously, facilitating redundancy and enabling multiple users to access remote sites at the same time. 

Base Station Performance Tracking

AutoPilot for Archer presents a simultaneous display of forward and reflected Power measurements and PTT status from the Archer units at the transmitter sites, enabling simultaneous display and logging of channel activity for your entire mobile radio system. PTT Flipbooks in AutoPilot for Archer capture and display push-to-talk events including forward power, reflected power and VSWR values. Previous, Next and scrollbar controls make it easy to browse through the historical performance of each base station, identifying drop-outs or intermittent operation. 

Environmental, Security and More...

Detect changes in key environmental parameters before equipment failures occur. Monitor surveillance video, perimeter security, door closures and motion. Track performance of main and backup power systems, backhaul communications equipment and other critical site systems.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows® 10, Windows® 8 Pro, Windows® 7 Professional or Ultimate, Vista Business or Ultimate               

1.5 GHz or faster processor


300 MB free hard drive space

Key Features

  • Centralized monitoring and control for your entire LMR network
  • Real-time display of base station activity at remote sites
  • Display of current and past PTT events
  • Customizable user interface screens

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