Plus-X AC-8

Remote Outlet Control Means Fewer Site Visits

The Plus-X AC-8 remote outlet controller makes it easy to manage power to 120V equipment at remote locations. Connect the Plus-X AC-8 to PCs, servers and other IT or broadcast equipment, and save wasted drive time when remote gear needs a power cycle.

Connect the Plus-X AC-8 to the Burk ARC Plus, interface it with an existing transmitter remote control, or operate it in web-only mode. No matter what you choose, the Plus-X AC-8 offers unmatched versatility.


1.75" (4.45 cm) H x 19" (48.26 cm) W x 10" (25.4 cm) D

Operating Temperature:

0° to 50° C

Power Requirements:

100 to 132 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 8' attached 14/3 grounded power cord. 15A circuit breaker with reset button.

Outlet Specifications:

Eight (8) 15A straight-blade AC outlets; latching, pulse-on, or pulse-off configuration for each outlet.

Control Inputs (Optional):

0-5VDC or switch closure. Latching relays not required.

What options do I have for I/O on the ARC Plus?

It’s never been easier to connect remote equipment. The ARC Plus supports metering and status inputs via the 16-channel Integrated Input Unit and relay outputs via the 8-channel Integrated Command Relay Unit. In addition, the Plus-X 300 allows Ethernet-based integration of 8 inputs (metering or status) and 8 relay outputs.

Select transmitters connect to the ARC Plus system using the PlusConnect™ series of direct interfaces—no external parallel wiring required.

And for control of 120V equipment at the remote site, the Plus-X AC-8 allows individual control of up to eight outlets.

Ordering information

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Key Features

  • Remotely power cycle and control equipment via AC
  • Built-in web control
  • Easy local control with front-panel buttons
  • Ideal for use with the ARC Plus, easy to integrate with any remote control.
  • Firmware & Downloads(View all)

    AutoLoad Definition - Plus-X AC-8
    Burk Firmware Loader 1.0.9
    Plus-X AC-8 1.0.17 Use if your current version is 1.0.16 or higher.
    Plus-X AC-8 1.0.16 With Bootloader Use if your current version is lower than 1.0.16.